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 Current Editions
The Buzz #18 - Fall 2020 - Special Fused Silica EditionFused Silica is covered along with Thermal Shock and an introduction to the new "48" product line.
The Buzz #17 - Summer 2020 EditionHydrated Lime, Pumpable Lightweights, Savage X™ & X-II, & New Plastics are a few of the topics discussed in the latest edition of the Buzz!
 Archived Buzz Newsletters
The Buzz #16 - September 2016No cement, silicon carbide specialties, & pumpable lightweights are explored in this Fall 2016 edition!
The Buzz #15 - Holiday Edition 2015A new partnership, old vs newer technology, & data sheet properties are covered by Dr. Dirt in this special 2015 Holiday Edition
The Buzz #14 - Spring 2015Thermal expansion, coke oven repair with SAVAGE X FS GM, & plastic manufacturing updates are discussed in this Spring edition
The Buzz #13 - May 2014X Marks the Spot. Savage X™ makes its debut & Dr. Dirt gives an update on Q-Tek™ super gunning mixes.
The Buzz #12 - March 2013MSSR innovations & plastic line updates are discussed in this issue of the Buzz
The Buzz #11 - July 2012Improvements in lightweight shotcretes & how to avoid laminations are some of the topics Dr. Dirt explores.
The Buzz #10 - May 2011Dr. Dirt talks about low cement gunning, refractory shotcretes & the advantates with Q-Tek™ GM.
The Buzz #9 - September 2010MSSR's cement free technology & lightweight shotcretes are discussed.
The Buzz #8 - May 2010Dr. Dirt talks about the steel wars and why understanding thermal shock is important.
The Buzz #7 - October 2009Dr. Dirt gets into SAVAGE RAM 70-M BLUE & BLACK JACK RAM 80 while also discussing thermal conductivity.
The Buzz #6 - June 2009Learn about the new plastic line and how weather changes castable refractories.
The Buzz #5 - February 2009Air set plastics, ULTRA-TEK VC mixes, & BLACK JACK GM are some of the topics discussed.
The Buzz #4 - September 2008Dr. Dirt talks about fused silica, CO resistance, & an overview of the refractory industry.
The Buzz #3 - February 2008Lightweight pumping, construction joints, & the phosphate bonded advantage are all covered by Dr. Dirt!
The Buzz - Special Cement Edition - November 2007Special Cement Edition discussing many popular products and installation methods.
The Buzz #2 - September 2007Alkali solutions & Impact 66 are looked at with Dr. Dirt!
The Buzz #1 - June 2007Thermal Shock, Low Cement Gun Mixes, & the Ultra-Set advantage are covered.