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Mt. Savage Specialty Refractories Company was first formed in 1975 supplying dry specialty products to the industrial market out of a plant opened in Mt. Savage, Maryland. In the early years the plant primarily supplied conventional and insulating castables. Through the 1980’s, the company incorporated a line of plastics, mortars, and cast shapes as well as becoming a distributor of fireclay, high alumina, block insulation, IFB’s and ceramic fiber. This allowed Mt. Savage to become a full service refractory supplier to the industrial market. The Mt. Savage, Maryland plant grew in capacity on a service oriented platform, being able to supply small quantities or mixed truckloads of material quickly and at very competitive prices from a single location.

The 1990’s brought dramatic new technology into the Mt. Savage product line with the introduction of self leveling low cement castables, refractory shotcrete mixes, and high technology gun mixes. In 2001, Mt. Savage Specialty Refractories purchased a second plant in Curwensville, Pennsylvania to increase their capacity to make these higher tech products. This allowed Mt. Savage Specialty Refractories to become a leader in low cement and refractory shotcrete mixes. In 2004 and 2005, a new line of low cement gun mixes were introduced that continue production growth at the Curwensville plant.

In 2022, Mt. Savage Specialty Refractories continues to be a leader in user friendly, low cement castables and gun mixes, no cement products, as well as a leader in the area of lightweight insulating refractories. The contractor looking for mixed truckloads is well served by the Mt. Savage, Maryland plant. The contractor looking to competitively bid a large project is well served by the cost-effective, high production Curwensville, Pennsylvania plant.

Mt. Savage Specialty Refractories serves many industries. Some of the major industries served include:

  • Iron and Steel Industry
  • Cement
  • Power
  • Other Non Ferrous Metals
  • Petrochemical
  • Ferrous Foundry
  • Aluminum

For more information contact your local Mt. Savage representative or send an email to

Corporate Office: PO Box 398, 736 West Ingomar Road Ingomar, PA 15127 - P: (412) 367-9100 F: (412) 367-2228 E: